GTFS validation results for feed:
FeedValidator extension used: extensions.googletransit

Agencies:HTM, HTMbuzz
Effective:September 29, 2017 to October 15, 2017

During the upcoming service dates Fri Sep 29 to Sat Oct 14:
Average trips per date:3594
Most trips on a date:4091, on 1 service date (Fri Oct 06)
Least trips on a date:2057, on 1 service date (Sat Oct 14)

The server couldn't fulfill the request. Error code: 404.

Found these problems:
221 warnings
14Stop Too Far From Parent Stations
3Stops Too Closes
196Too Fast Travels
8Unrecognized Columns


Stop Too Far From Parent Station

Stops Too Close

Too Fast Travel

Unrecognized Column