GTFS validation results for feed:
FeedValidator extension used: extensions.googletransit

Agencies:HTM, HTMbuzz
Effective:May 05, 2017 to June 23, 2017

During the upcoming service dates Fri May 05 to Thu Jun 22:
Average trips per date:3501
Most trips on a date:3881, on 7 service dates (Fri May 05, Fri May 12, Fri May 19, ...)
Least trips on a date:2527, on 7 service dates (Sun May 07, Thu May 25, Sun May 28, ...)

The server couldn't fulfill the request. Error code: 404.

Found these problems:
28 warnings
1Different Station Too Close
1Stations Too Close
15Stop Too Far From Parent Stations
3Stops Too Closes
8Unrecognized Columns


Different Station Too Close

Stations Too Close

Stop Too Far From Parent Station

Stops Too Close

Unrecognized Column